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Repacking converts an investment strategy into a tradable security. It is a cost-efficient solution for all size investment strategies with access to investors in multiple brokerage platforms.

Globally distribute

LYNK offers a repack tool to create and globally distribute portfolio investment strategies through a Euroclearable security

LYNK Access technology

LYNK is powered by LYNK-Access technology for all issuances, maintenance, track record and real-time product information allowing interested members to connect and network. 

Repack Main Advantages


Create your own products with a turnkey solution

Develop targeted products that the market demands with the constant support of recognized global financial and legal institutions. 


Allow efficiencies for cost and time-to-market

Take advantage of a scalable business model that allows for the quickest time to market at a fraction of the cost.


Maximize and optimize distribution

Access investors within existing or other banking platforms immediately, with no additional investor KYC/AML.


Access a global marketplace

Become part of the exchange where your product information will be published and accessible to interested parties worldwide.

the new market at your fingertips


All portfolio managers become members of LYNK-Access, the technology solution that allows the issuance and maintenance of investment products


Portfolio Managers can produce track record, factsheets, reports, and add media and marketing content


Interested parties enter the network, search and analyze the product´s published information, and connect to initiate a trade order through Blockchain

Track and demonstrate your work, and reach investors worldwide

Launch and publish your product
Track record and generate factsheets
Access investors worldwide

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