Customer Spotlight – Ivan Scherman

Linked Volume #2 - January 2024

Customer Spotlight: Ivan Scherman

The Pioneering Mind Behind Emerge Funds Investments 

In the dynamic world of global finance, few stories resonate as profoundly as that of Ivan Scherman, Head Portfolio Manager at Emerge Management Inc. Recently crowned the 2023 Futures Trading World Champion, Scherman has not only made history as the first Latin American to win this prestigious award but has also positioned Emerge Funds Investments as a guiding light of innovation and success in the financial markets.


Emerge Funds Investment, A Lynk-Markets client and a hedge fund known for its active management of investment portfolios, has consistently achieved its goals over the years. The fund, under Scherman’s guidance, offers investors a path to “More Money for Your Future,” outpacing inflation and outgrowing other investment options. This is largely due to its quantitative trading systems that adeptly seize market opportunities, providing clients with well-designed portfolios that promise risk control and legal assurances.

Scherman’s recent accolade in the Futures Trading World Championship underscores his and Emerge Funds Investments commitment to excellence. Competing against over 5,000 qualified experts, Scherman’s approach, which involves the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been nothing short of revolutionary. His ability to forecast prices and manage risk led to a staggering average return of 491% over the year. This achievement is a testament to his strategic foresight and the robustness of Emerge Management Inc’s investment strategies.

A key aspect of Scherman’s success is his use of AI in tandem with a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) approach in the investment portfolios. This combination has allowed for the real-time scanning of 12,000 assets and the operation of fully automated trading systems. The firm’s involvement is strategic and calculated, focusing on programming algorithms, analyzing back-test results, and optimizing portfolio strategies.

Emerge Funds Investments has issued two notable products in Lynk markets: EFI-Algotrade 2 and EFI-Algotrade 4. These products embody the innovative spirit and analytical prowess that Scherman brings to the table. They are designed to cater to the evolving needs of investors, offering a mix of stability, growth, and adaptability in the face of market volatilities.

Scherman’s philosophy on money management aligns perfectly with the ethos of Emerge Management Inc. He advocates for prudent investment strategies, where the firm’s interests are seamlessly aligned with those of its clients. Fees are contingent on generating profits for investors, a model that not only ensures accountability but also underscores the firm’s commitment to long-term, sustainable success.

In his methodology, Scherman draws parallels to the “Moneyball” approach, combining various strategies for an optimal overall result. This involves a thorough analysis of past events, identification of consistent patterns, and the deployment of diverse tactics like hedging and mean reversion. His strategies are designed for the long haul, aiming for consistent wins over time, despite the occasional setbacks.

Ivan Scherman’s recent recognition as the Best Audited Trader of 2023 at the Rankia Awards further solidifies his and Emerge Management Inc’s standing in the financial community. With Emerge Funds Investments as a pivotal player in Lynk-Markets and Scherman, its Head Portfolio Manager, the future looks promising for investors seeking innovative and robust trading solutions. Congratulations Ivan!

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