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    LYNK Markets is a leading alternative investment platform that connects managers, investors and distributors with a vast array of bankable alternative investments.

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    Making the Connection,
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    Established long-term partnerships with top-tier companies.

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    Our Platform enables Managers to fundraise and distribute existing and new alternative investments strategies

    Simplify the trading process without the need for subscriptions, opening new accounts , additional compliance, paperwork, minimums or wires

    Work with a network of distributors and top-tier institutional partners

    Boost fundraising and distribution with Lynk Markets by optimizing investor interaction and accessing LYNK’s Distribution Network


    Advisors and investors can now access the limitless opportunities of Alternative Investments with a simple trade

    Unlock the power of alternative investments, and increase diversiication and returns directly from trading accounts.

    Simplify the trading process, without the hassle of subscriptions, opening new accounts or sharing sensitive data.

    Offer your clients a user-friendly platform that
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    them to consolidate their alternative investments
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