Customer Spotlight: A Closer Look at Confidas’ Track Record

Customer Spotlight

A Closer Look at Confidas' Track Record – A model of excellence in Innovative Investment

In the world of investment, success is often charted by not just the vision but the track record that precedes it. This month, we spotlight Confidas, a innovator in the world of real estate investment, whose storied history of success is a testament to the caliber of opportunities available through Lynk•Port, Lynk Markets’ distribution platform. Confidas exemplifies the gold standard of what financial advisors can discover and offer to their clients, illustrating the depth and quality of investment strategies facilitated by Lynk Markets.

A Legacy of Excellence in Real Estate Investment

Founded in New York in 1996, Confidas has carved a niche in the competitive landscape of alternative investments, focusing keenly on U.S. real estate. With more than $2.6 billion in direct transactions and fund investments, Confidas’ expertise in middle-market bridge loan co-investments stands unparalleled. Their strategy, centered around U.S. Real Estate Bridge Loans, primarily in major metropolitan areas, has consistently delivered on its promise of income production and diversification.

Impressive Achievements that Speak Volumes

Confidas’ achievements from 2017 to 2023 underscore its position as a leader in the real estate investment realm. The firm boasts a 14% Net IRR, with a notable 21-month term and a conservative 59% LTV across its investments. This period also saw Confidas managing a total of 14 loans/24 properties, valued at approximately $350M, without incurring any realized losses. This track record is not just impressive; it’s a clear indicator of Confidas’ strategic acumen and its ability to navigate the complexities of the real estate market successfully.

Confidas and Lynk Markets: A Synergy for Success

The partnership between Confidas and Lynk Markets brings to the forefront the synergy between traditional investment expertise and modern distribution platforms. Confidas’ remarkable track record is a beacon for investment managers and financial advisors alike, demonstrating the potential for high-caliber investment opportunities available on Lynk•Port. This platform not only serves as a bridge connecting advisors with exemplary investment strategies but also emphasizes Lynk Markets’ commitment to quality and excellence.

Inspiration for the Future

Confidas’ journey is a source of inspiration for both seasoned and aspiring investment managers. It highlights the importance of a solid track record and the impact it can have on shaping investment strategies that stand the test of time. For financial advisors, Confidas’ story and its offerings on Lynk•Port exemplify the type of innovative and successful investment opportunities that can significantly benefit their clients.

A Call for Exploration:

Whether you’re an investment manager seeking to emulate such success or a financial advisor on the lookout for successful  strategies for your clients, Confidas’ track record and detailed offering on Lynk•Port reaffirm the wealth of potential that awaits. Let’s embrace the future of investment with the confidence that comes from proven success and the promise of innovation.

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