Customer Spotlight


Diversifying Portfolios with World-Class Companies on Lynk.Port

In this month’s edition of “Linked,” Lynk Markets’ newsletter, we shine a spotlight on a quartet of exceptional clients whose offerings on our Lynk.Port platform exemplify the diverse and innovative investment opportunities available to global investors. Each company, with its unique focus and history, underscores the richness of options at Lynk Markets, enhancing our clients’ reach and providing access to strategic portfolio strategies and alternative investments.

Confidas Confidas: Pioneering in U.S. Real Estate Credit Opportunities

Founded in New York in 1996, Confidas has been a bastion of alternative investment strategies, amassing over $2.6 billion in direct transactions and fund investments. Their U.S. Real Estate Credit Opportunity Note offers investors an income-producing, diversified portfolio of Bridge Loans backed by U.S. Real Estate, specializing in middle-market bridge loan co-investments. Confidas’ expertise underscores Lynk Markets’ commitment to providing avenues for substantial real estate investment opportunities. Learn more

Fuel venture capital Fuel Venture Capital: Driving the Future with Disruptive Technologies Emerging from the heart of Miami in 2017, Fuel Venture Capital set out with a vision to fuel a knowledge-based, modern economy. Their Venture Capital Notes give investors exposure to the creative economy through disruptive technology companies across fintech, marketplaces, enterprise SaaS/IaaS, and sports and entertainment. Fuel VC’s approach to investing in early and late-stage companies demonstrates the innovative potential accessible through Lynk.Port. Discover how
asset managers AMSA: Strategic Access to Developed Markets Asset Management S.A. (AMSA) offers a gateway to a balanced portfolio of securities in developed markets, including stocks, bonds, ETFs, and commodities. Focused on high liquidity instruments and the flexibility to adjust during market corrections, AMSA’s Strategic Developed Markets fund is a testament to Lynk Markets’ ability to provide sophisticated, globally-oriented investment strategies. AMSA’s comprehensive financial intermediation services and connections with prestigious international financial institutions further enhance the value they bring to our platform. Explore more
securitize Securitize: Revolutionizing Investment with Blockchain Founded in 2017 by visionaries Carlos Domingo and Jamie Finn, Securitize introduced a groundbreaking digital securities issuance platform. Their Hamilton Lane’s Senior Credit Opportunities Fund (SCOPE) offers investors access to senior secured loans, paying current income and highlighting first lien private credit exposure. Securitize’s embrace of blockchain technology for automating and potentially liquefying alternative asset classes exemplifies the cutting-edge investment opportunities Lynk Markets is proud to offer (coming soon) . Find out more

Each of these clients not only contributes to the rich tapestry of investment opportunities on Lynk.Port but also reflects Lynk Markets’ dedication to expanding investor horizons with innovative, world-class companies. Through our platform, we’re thrilled to enhance global investors’ access to diverse portfolio strategies and alternative investments, ensuring our clients are well-positioned to navigate the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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