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    Create a bankable security to enhance access to your investment strategy to qualified investors.

    LYNK MARKETS SMA solution securitizes investment strategies held in a custody/trading account through the issuance of Euroclearable securities with an ISIN. It provides a cost efficient solution for all size portfolios and allows distribution to non-retail investors worldwide. Our one stop solution handles the issuance, maintenance, track record and real-time product information, thereby allowing Portfolio Managers to create unique investment products from their individual strategies.

    Create your own products with a turnkey solution

    Develop investment strategies that the market demands with the constant support of recognized global financial and legal institutions

    Allow efficiencies for cost and time-to-market

    Take advantage of the LYNK´s platform that allows for the quickest time to market at a fraction of the cost

    Maximize and optimize distribution

    Access investors globally in multiple broker platforms immediately through a euroclearable security with ISIN, with no additional investor KYC/AML

    Reach more investors through LYNK Markets

    Become part of our intelligent platform that provides accredited and institutional investors with product selection, networking and trading

    How it works


    The Issuer opens a custody/trading account for the Portfolio Manager to implement his strategy and collects cash proceeds through the sale of Euroclearable securities with an ISIN in the form of notes.

    LYNK-MARKETS FEEDER is a solution that enables the immediate purchase of selected regulated funds through a security. The securities are purchased in the form of euroclearable notes with an ISIN. These notes track the performance of the underlying asset or investment strategy. Our one-stop solution handles the issuance, maintenance, track record and real-time product information.

    Worldwide access

    Access funding worldwide immediately and safely, protected by regulated capital markets

    No unnecessary paperwork​

    No additional KYC is necessary. Eliminate time consuming paperwork or opening new accounts

    Unlock distribution

    Distribute your investment strategy through an institutional level security

    Publish in Bloomberg​

    Publish product, price and track record via Bloomberg

    How it works

    The Issuer enters into a subscription agreement with the regulated fund. It then funds its subscription through the sale of Euroclearable securities with an ISIN in the form of notes. Proceeds from the sale of the notes are invested into the underlying product with the cash being sent to its custody account.

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    Key benefits

    & Seamless

    Our solutions are designed for ease and fluidity, ensuring a user-friendly and frictionless experience from start to finish.

    & Swift

    By streamlining and automating processes, we enhance efficiency, making the go-to-market lead time shorter and the management of investment strategies more effective.

    & Scalable

    Leveraging partnerships with top-tier financial institutions and robust compliance processes, we transform marketing efficiencies into avenues for accelerated growth and scalability, enhancing your investment journey.

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    Product showcase

    Fuel VC Note

    1:1 exposure* to the underlying Fuel Venture Capital Flagship Fund I.

    CompanyAsset ClassOffering Size
    FuelPrivate Equity$100M
    Asset Class
    Private Equity
    Offering Size


    World’s largest carbon removal project: reforest the Amazon rainforest.

    CompanyAsset ClassOffering Size
    MombakPrivate Equity$12M


    Asset Class
    Private Equity

    Offering Size

    Confidas Capital SP1 U.S. Real Estate Credit Opportunity Note

    Income producing, diversified portfolio of Bridge loans backed by U.S. Real Estate.

    CompanyAsset ClassOffering Size
    ConfidasReal Estate$60M


    Asset Class
    Real Estate

    Offering Size

    AMSA Strategic Developed Markets​

    Global opportunities centered on dev. market equities and corp. bonds.

    CompanyAsset ClassOffering Size
    AMSAHedge Fund$55M


    Asset Class
    Hedge Fund

    Offering Size

    Hamilton Lane Senior Credit Opportunities Securitize Fund

    Fund with added liquidity potential through on-demand redemptions.

    CompanyAsset Class
    Hamilton LanePrivate Credit

    Hamilton Lane

    Asset Class
    Private Credit

    Coming soon

    EFI-Algotrade 2

    We implement an active management strategy of a 100% algorithmic absolute return fund.

    CompanyAsset ClassOffering Size
    Hedge Fund$50M

    Emerge Funds

    Asset Class
    Hedge Fund

    Offering Size

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