Bankable Alternative Investments

Investors and advisors globally can now easily access the returns and diversification of alternative investments directly from their trading accounts

Smart, simple fundraising and trading platform for alternative investments for managers and investors

LYNK Product Catalog

Hedge Funds

Access actively managed
portfolio strategies

Private Equity

Participate in private
equity and venture capital

Private Debt

Access credit funds that
were not available before

Real Estate

Diversify with global
real estate investments

Performance Index ETPs

Invest directly on stocks,
ETFs and crypto with 3x,
2x and -1x exposure

Introducing Target Strategies

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Join the New Generation of Investors, Managers and Distributors.


Increase fundraising

Add disitribution to your existing product

Launch a new product


Buy products with incentive / Invest directly

Increase your product catalog / Find non-retail products that were inaccessible before

Join the Distributor Network / Request new products

Strong partnerships.
Powerful results.

Launch and distribute crypto strategies

Certify ESG Strategies

Expand fund platform onto the LYNK Distributor Network

Recognitions & Publications

Working with top organizations that are at the forefront of accelerating growth for startups.

LYNK was selected by Endeavor, a global organization that works with high-impact companies that transform economies, a recognition that reflects our commitment to dream bigger and support underserved markets.

LYNK was selected by DIFC FinTech Hive, the first and largest financial technology accelerator in the MEASA region, a recognition that reflects our commitment to democratization and globalization.

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