Schedule – KYC Diligence Documents

These requirements may change from time to time consistent with the applicable laws and regulations in force during the Engagement. Failure to provide the information below may entitle LYNK to terminate the Agreement.

Required Documentation of the Client, Portfolio Manager and any Third Paying Entity (In English) - LSeries

1 | Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation (Certified) 

2 | Certificate of Incorporation (Certified)

3 | Certificate of Tax Residence / Tax ID (Certified)

4 | Company’s Proof of Address (recent within 60 days) (Certified)

5 | List of authorized signatories (if different from directors) (Certified)

6 | Copy of Directors/Authorized Signatories/Shareholders’ IDs and Proof of Address (recent within 60 days) (Certified)

7 | Shareholder Register and Board of Directors (Signed and Updated) (Certified)

If there are companies as shareholders or directors, it is necessary from each of those companies same documentation, as mentioned above

8 | Organization Chart (Certified)

9 | Transaction Diagram (with all entities involved in the transaction)

10 | Certificate of Good Standing (recent within 60 days)

11 | Series Summary (completed and signed in PDF format)

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12 | Last 2 years of audited financial statements  

Balance Sheet / Profit and Loss / State of Change in Equity / Cash Flow / Notes. If not audited, then 3 years financial information and a copy of latest tax return (certified).

13 | Wolfsberg Questionnaire duly signed or AML Policies  

14 | Contact information (email and phone number)  

15 | Board Resolution to designate Authorized Traders. (Certified) (Signed by the Directors of the Portfolio Manager)

16 | Passports, Proof of Address (within 60 days), email and phone number of the Authorized Traders (Users) of the Custody Account (If applicable) (Certified)

17 | Company’s website link.

18 | Copies of any general powers of attorney or similar mandates given by the directors, if applicable. (Certified)

19 | Marketing Materials

20 | Broker/dealer license or support documentation (Certified)


Acceptable Documents

The following list includes the Acceptable Documents for IDs and Proof of Address.

Identity Identification Document
1 –
2 – Photo Driving License
3 – National Identity Card (where the card includes a photo)

Address Verification Documents
1  Utility bill (gas, phone, television, electric, etc) issued within the last 30 days.
2 – Local authority council tax bill for the current council tax year.
3 – Current driving license (but only if not used for the identity verification)
4 – Bank building society or credit union statement dated within the last 60 days.
5 – National Identity Card (if the address is included on it and only if not used for the identification process)
6 – Gun license
7 – A lawyer’s attestation of residential address may be acceptable if the attestation confirms why evidence of address is not available and the basics on which the lawyers is aware of the individual’s residential address.

The list above shows the initial documents to be requested to complete the Client On-boarding phase. The Company may request further additional documents, where reasonably necessary and the Client agrees to provide these”.

All documents shall be presented in English.

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