Our Story

Lynk Capital Markets is a leading alternative investment platform that connects investors and advisors with a vast array of bankable alternative investments.

Founded by industry experts, with over 400 products launched, $4 billion traded and a passion for innovation. LYNK is dedicated to transforming the alternative investment landscape and delivering exceptional client experiences.

Our goal is to democratize alternative investments opportunities and provide equal, safe and simple access to non-retail investors.

We are dedicated to making complex trades simple and global investments accessible

Our People

LYNK’s team is formed by progressive, dynamic and diverse professionals with more than 20 years in technology, finance and securities industry. With a strong international presence, we combine a large global network with local knowledge, a broad range of financial backgrounds, and deep technical and financial expertise. Our team is committed to strong corporate governance and has a clear and effective framework for maintaining the highest ethical and business standards.

Our Values 

At LYNK, we are committed to continuous evolution and excellence.

We understand our clients in depth and structure, and promote growth for their business. Embracing change, we are fully committed to innovation and progress in our business and industry. We celebrate and thrive in the diversity of our community of clients and colleagues, and promote teamwork and collaboration through our inclusive, inspiring and supportive workplace.

Strong partnerships. Powerful results.